• Ключевые слова: innovative economy, intellectual labor, female labor market, women qualifications,
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Ирматова, А. (2019). ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛИЗАЦИЯ ЖЕНСКОГО ТРУДА, КАК ОСНОВА ПОВЫШЕНИЯ ЗАНЯТОСТИ В СОВРЕМЕННЫХ УСЛОВИЯХ. Центр научных <Br /&gt; публикаций в Узбекистане, 1(1), 3. извлечено от https://ejournal.tsue.uz/index.php/economics-innotech/article/view/121


n innovative economy is characterized by a high intellectual capacity of labor. At the present stage of development in the field of the female labor market, serious problems are observed, among which are inefficient employment and increasing structural unemployment, low qualifications and education, and poor competitiveness of women.In modern conditions, the structure of employment and education of women is becoming one of the most important aspects of research in connection with the development of its intellectual capabilities. For the full and effective use of female labor potential, to ensure productive, rational and highly profitable female employment and reduce unemployment, the intellectualization of female labor is necessary.